Saturday, 9 March 2013

I Am Spartacus: The Game

This is my attempt to create a new game that spreads around the internet. It won't spread around the internet because I can't spread things for shit. But here it is:

How to play "I Am Spartacus!"

To be the last person in an area to publicly and loudly announce that "I am Spartacus!".

You must be in a public place. Any public place. Everyone is involved in the game, but if they don't actively take part, then they actively lose.

The Play
You're in the cinema, a lecture, a restaurant, a library; surrounded by people. Player 1 is the first person to stand up and loudly/proudly announce that "I am Spartacus!". Player 2 is the next person to realise that a game of I Am Spartacus has been initialised and follows suit by also standing up and announcing "I am Spartacus!". In a good game of I Am Spartacus, a chain reaction will take place with players revealing themselves and announcing that they are Spartacus. The winner is the player at the end of the chain. It's all about timing! But don't take too long, for if there is a long pause between declarations of "I am Spartacus", the declaration becomes void.

1. A player may not announce himself twice and must remain standing for the duration of the game.
2.If a player was already standing whilst announcing himself, he must raise a fist with the declaration. His fist must remain raised during the duration of the game.
3. The game ends when there has been a lingering silence between any two players declarations (or when the last player has revealed himself). If there is a long pause before the next player, player B, reveals himself the player previously, Player A, may state that Player B took too long and so announced himself after the game had concluded. The final decision is to be made by Player 1, who becomes the Game Master after initialising the game.
4. Player 1's decision is final and must not be contested.
5. If no one declares themselves to be "Spartacus" after Player 1 initialises the game, then Player 1 wins (whilst blushing profusely).
6. The order of victory is inverse to the order the players declare themselves. I.e. If a game has six players: Player 6 = 1st (Winner!), Player 5 = 2nd, Player 4 = 3rd etc...
7. Anyone who hears the game and doesn't participate is a loser!

So that's the game. I have a feeling that I may win this game a lot!

The inspiration for the game.

Have fun and be safe.


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